• Investment Strength 01 Social atmoshere of respecting businessmen
  • Investment Strength 02 The best environments for investment throughout the country
  • Investment Strength 03 Active supports for small and medium business and venture business
  • Investment Strength 04 Peaceful relationships between union labor and management

Chungbuk creates social atmosphere of respecting businesspeople

Campaigns for encouraging businesspeople

Organization of encouragement day for businesspeople, meetings with businesspeople, awards for small and medium businesses

24 tasks to generate a culture of respect for businesspeople

Build a businessperson hall of fame, allow businesspeople to use the VIP room at Cheongju International Airport, allow businesspeople free
access to public places

Province-wide campaign for respecting business: to generate business-friendly atmosphere within society

Chungbuk creates the country’s best environment for investment

Develop customer-tailored industrial sites: 69 sites/44,994 thousand ㎢ area

Specialized complex by region (south, north and central regions) Develop industrial clusters

Expand the level of incentives for investing companies

Companies moving from the metropolitan area: up to 10 billion Korean won
Companies moving from other areas and constructing a factory in Chungbuk: up to 5 billion Korean won
Aid for employment and training expenses for foreign investing companies: up to 1 billion Korean won
Investment promotion funding: 10 billion Korean won through 2009

Remove all hindrances against investment (laws, regulations, guidelines)

Chungbuk offers active support for small and medium businesses and venture businesses

Customer oriented one-stop service

Problem-solving center for companies and ‘e- business-friendly center’, an on-line solutions system, for complaints

One-stop support for small and medium businesses to set up a company and construct factorie

On-time financing aid with low interest rate

Nurture of funding and credit guarantees for small and medium businesses Bio funding (11 billion Korean won)

Nomination of first-rate venture business companies and aid with preferential interest rate, marketing and PR

Chungbuk creates a peace zone for labor and management to promote co-existence

Operation of the Chungbuk Labor and Management Forum participated in by both sides

Establish partnership relations through various programs such as concerts and workshops

Organize proclamation ceremony of a peace zone for labor and management

Establishment of a cooperative network between labor and management (2007~2008)
Encouragement of peace agreements between labor and management by company and region (2008~2009)
Chungcheongbuk-do proclamation ceremony of a peace zone for labor and management ( May 2009)

Financial incentive to companies with harmonious coexistence between labor and management