Invest KOREA

Consultation for investment

  • Consultation for foreign investment(real estate, M&A, establishing factory/moving to the industrial complex, small business,
    environment, construction, traffic,national tax/customs)
  • Guide to tax benefits and investment environment of each region
  • Agency aid for selecting factory site and establishing factory
  • Administrative support for immigration control, business registration, corporate establishment and check the completion of investment
    in kind

Applying for Notification of Foreign Investment

  • Reporting method: The investing foreigner or the agent applies (Power of attorney is required when the agent does this)
  • Required documents
    • Two copies of the Notification of Foreign Investment by the acquisition of new shares, equity, etc.
    • One copy of a Certificate of Nationality One copy of the additional documents as below to be attached when necessary
    • Evaluation certificate for industrial property rights issued by technology evaluation agency
    • Remaining assets certificate after liquidation of corporation or the branch office
    • Certificate of refund for a loan and/or other debts from overseas
    • Documentary evidence of proceeds obtained from the disposal of shares and real estate
    • Documentary evidence of contribution to the nonprofit organization

Where to apply
* Domestic banks
* Domestic branches of designated foreign banks
* Invest KOREA, domestic branches and 35 overseas branches of KOTRA

Submission of other documents

  • When applying for notification of foreign investment, tax reduction/exemption can be also filed.
    • Before applying for notification of foreign investment or tax reduction/exemption, please check whether the related investment meets the criteria for tax reduction/exemption: International Economic Policy Division, The Ministry of Strategy and Finance (Tel: 02-2150-2623)
  • Application period of tax reduction/exemption,
    • New investment: within end of the taxation year of the day business commences
    • Capital increase: within 2 years after reporting the date of foreign investment
      # When application is made after expiration, tax reduction/exemption will be allowed only for the remaining period.

Issue of notification certificate(immediately)

  • Capital goods investment in kind
    • Capital goods import itemized account check is required by the president of KOTRA or foreignexchange banks(application is to be made to Invest KOREA or foreign exchange banks)
    • On its completion of investment in kind, completion confirmation is required (issued by the official of the Customs Service stationed at Invest KOREA)
  • Cash investment
    • Remittance of invested funds to domestic foreign exchange bank
    • To be hand-carried through customs

Invest KOREA performs agency work for application

Registration of incorporation

  • Required documents (for new corporation)
    • Application for establishment of corporation and notarizedcompany charter
    • Share acceptance certificate and application for stock
    • Investigation report of directors and auditor and related documents
    • Inaugural meeting minutes and board of directors’ meeting minutes regarding the representative director
    • Notification certificate of foreign investment and payment certificate for share acquisition issued by bank
    • Inspector’s report or certificate of investment in kind (if applicable)

Where to apply

Application for Foreign-invested company registration

  • Required documents
    • Application for foreign-invested company registration
    • Corporate registration(business registration for private business)
    • Certificate of foreign exchange purchase(receipt/deposit).Certificate evidencing the completion of investment in kind is required for capital goods
    • Summarized plan of research business, status of research staff, details of facilities (in the case of nonprofit corporations in the field of science and technology)

Invest KOREA

Establishment of factory

  • Survey of site
    • Permits required to establish factory and commence construction Selection of site business
  • Establishment
  • En bloc permits (10) factory
    • Approval for factory establishment, construction permit
    • Preparing approval for small and medium business plans, etc.
  • Individual permits (97)
    • Permits related to the operation of a business
    • Applicants can prepare and submit the above to Invest KOREA

Completion of establishing a company with foreign investment (start of production and sales)

  • Registration of changes in the company with foreign investment (within 30 days of the occurrence of the change) The following are applicable.
  • Acquisition of shares by mergers, etc.
  • Transfer or capital reduction of shares
  • Change of company name, title, address of company with foreign investments
  • Change of name or title of foreign investor, change of nationality of foreign investor, change of amount/ratio/method/business of foreign investment
  • Change of share transferor