Prospects for the next-generation semiconductor industry

  • Information electronics technology is projected to move toward the convergence of digital, mobile, ubiquitous, broadband technology and service --in favor of individual and intelligent service.
  • The establishment of an embedded system center as scheduled is expected to contribute vastly to the growth of IT SoC.

Strategies for the development of the next-generation semiconductor industry

Boosting business environments

Provide technical and administrative support and marketing information to new enterprises Encourage and establish the grounds for non-memory products

Offering concentrated support

Select viable fields and offer concentrated support. Provide the technologies needed by businesses and encourage the establishment of research and development organizations

Assist businesses in training their workforces

Arrange more on- the -job training and encourage practical retraining by field staff Work out plans to attract and employ excellent human resources with ease

Strategies for the development of a next-generation semiconductor industry

  • Establish IC research institutes for the study of basic and application technology, R&D and the use of a joint production system
  • Build an SoC design house, provide technology to businesses in the local community and train professionals
  • Increase the research lab dealing exclusively with R&D from 500 IT companies in the community (from the current 15 labs to 50)
  • Develop programs to secure design experts in collaboration with Hynix
  • Establish a comprehensive center of system IC to provide portal service in order to encourage and support new businesses, provide technical and workforce assistance
  • Develop programs to set up networks among universities, research institutions and businesses

Universities related to the next-generation semiconductor industry

  • More than 20 related departments such as the Departments of Semiconductor Technology, Electronic Engineering and Physical Science at Chungbuk National University, Cheongju University and Chungju National University (with 135 professors in the fields)
  • Facilitate the exchange of IT experts by various human resources project
  • development such as national BK21 and NURI (New University for Regional Innovation) plan

Main tasks for nurturing the next generation semiconductor industry

Main tasks for nurturing the next generation semiconductor industry
Field Tasks
Next-generation 1) Support the semiconductor businesses through a comprehensive center of system IC
2) Develop system IC technology
3) Encourage and support semiconductor R&D lab
4) Nurture the next-generation memory industry