Prospects for the mobile communication industry

  • The information electronics industry evolves into the integration of fixed-line and mobile communication and ubiquitous computing environments.
  • Trends for wireless communication equipment will bring about a change of communication environments dramatically along with broadband and IP.
  • Mobile communication environments in the 21st century evolve into a 4-generation stage
  • The world will develop 4-generation mobile communication by way of the accumulation of three-dimensional PC games, wide-screen TV, multi-media email, and high-speed download service.
  • Mobile communication devices become slimmer but have more functions.
  • IT-related public bodies are scheduled to move to the innovative cities of Jincheon and Eumseong within Chungbuk Province.

Strategies for development of the mobile communication industry

Boosting business environments

Provide technical and administrative support for new enterprises along with marketing information Strengthen industrial-educational cooperation with Ochang Scientific Industrial Complex playing an important role

Encourage and enhance the ability of research and development

Joint research and development by industry and educational institutions to provide the technologies needed by businesses, to encourage and assist R&D labs

Assist businesses in training their workforce

Arrange more on- the -job training and encourage practical retraining by field staff

Plans for the development of mobile communication industry

  • Establish a technology support center to assist in technology development of software
  • Establish a technology support center to help develop wireless EMC for design and technology
  • Increase research labs dealing exclusively with R&D (from 15 labs to 50)
  • Assist businesses to develop training programs to educate capable professionals

Mobile communication industry-related universities

Twenty-one related departments such as the Departments of Communication Engineering, Electronic Engineering in Chungbuk National University, Cheongju University and Chungju National University (with 120 professors in the field)

Main tasks for nurturing the next-generation semiconductor industry

Field Tasks
Mobile communication 1) Support the activation of communication related research institutions
2) Support software development of mobile communication devices
3) Develop technology for ubiquitous networks
4) Joint study among industry, universities and research institutions