Prospect for the next-generation cell industry

  • Demand for secondary and fuel cells will increase rapidly.
  • The national goal is to become the top producer in the world with national focus.
  • Integration is under way: Cheongju, Ochang and Chungju taking the initiative (six leading companies like LG Chem)

Plans for the development of the next-generation cell industry

  • Establish a cell industry promotion center for study and evaluation and technology support
  • Develop programs to cultivate experts to secure the top position in the world by 2010
  • To establish networks among all related bodies--Ochang complex, LG Chem, universities, research institutions and related companies in the Province

Ripe environment for establishing networks

Generate synergy by setting up networks of industrial- educational cooperation

  • Universities: 24 related departments including the Chemistry Department of Chungbuk National University
  • Attract handset manufacturers by acquiring secondary cells (ripple effect)
  • Maxon Telecom, Telson Corp.
  • Generate synergy by setting up networks

Main tasks for nurturing the next-generation cell industry

Field Tasks
Next-generation cell 1) Develop materials and parts industry
2) Develop equipment needed in the main process of a product
3) Develop cell evaluation skills
4) Develop design and manufacturing technology for cells