Metered gas

Receive metered gas for cooking or heating by calling your local gas service. At move-out, call the business to cut off the supply and settle your account. The charge is billed each month based on the meter reading.
Usually, the monthly, bill is issued based on the meter reading that your record on the slip or paper placed near the entrance to your house.
* SK E&S Call Center: 1599-3131

Power supply

KEPCO is in charge of the power supply in most regions across the nation. Ordinary households run on 220 volts, with two round prong outlets. To changer the user's name, please visit the KEPCO website ( or call the local branch for your area. Billing will be pro-rated. A TV reception fee is billed along with the power charge.
* For inquiries concerning power supply, please call : 123

Metered water

The charge is billed each month based on the meter reading. In certain cases, only one meter is installed for a multi-household building
* For inquiries concerning piped water supply, please call : 123

Waste disposal

When disposing of household waste, please be sure to use the plastic bags and food waste stickers that can be bought at supermarkets in your neighborhood. Every neighborhood has its own schedule for the collection of household waste. Apartments and multi-household buildings have a designated place for collection.

  • Ordinary household wastes

    Ordinary non-recyclable household waste in the designated plastic bags shall be placed at the designated place in accordance with the collection schedule.

    Designated plastic waste bags: There are 5, 10, 20, 50-liter [white] bags for household wastes. There are 50, 70, 100-liter [blue] bags for larger-sized waste. There are 20, 50, 100-liter [white or red] bags for wastes from business establishments.
  • Food wastes
    Non-food items, such as bottle caps or plastic wraps, shell be separated from food wastes. Food waste also be fried well. Please place the food waste container [with the relevent sticker attached] in front of your house so that the authorities may collect the contents.
  • * Non-collectible food Items

    • Nutshells or pits from peaches, apricots, persimmons, etc.

    • Animal hair, bird feathers or bones

    • Hard shells from clams, crabs, lobsters. shellfish intestines

    • Used teabags or medicinal herb remnants
  • Recyclable waste

    • Steel scrap, used clothing, Styrofoam, paper, fluorescent lamps, plastics and plastic wrap
    • For apartments, please follow the existing rules concerning the disposal of recyclable wastes; for private homes, on the designated day of the week.
  • Large-sized waste

    To dispose of large-sized waste, such as furniture or household appliances, that cannot be contained in a plastic waste bag.  please contact your district or dong office. There will be a processing fee that will need to be paid.

Telephone Service

Please apply for telephone service at your local telephone office. Bring your passport or foreigner registration card. You may also visit the KT telephone application center's website [] to apply. You will need to fax them a copy of your passport or foeigner registration card.

Application fee : KRW60,000 [non-refundable at cancellation]
Basic charge : 5,200/month

You may opt for automatic transfer payment service or the application fee and monthly charges.

When moving, please call the phone office [043-0000 in Chungcheongbuk-do Province] or visit the office in person. The service personnel will visit you within a day or two for the necessary processes.

To report issues with your phone, please call 100 [ext.2]. Service personnel will visit within a few days to resolve the problem.

To cancel your phone service contract, please visit the phone company and settle your account first. Your passport or foreigner registration card will be required at this visit.

* For inquiries concerning phone service, please call 100 or visit the KT call center website (

Cable TV

To subscribe, please visit the website [] or call 1599-6578. Basic monthly service charges depend on how many channels you choose.
[KRW 4,400 for 21 channels, KRW 6,600 for 63 channels, KRW 18,700 for 73 channels]
Installation charge: KRW44,000. For a 73 channel subscription, the minimum service period is one year; there is no installation charge but there will be a KRW 30,000 fee for the converter security deposit, which is refunded at the time of service cancellation. In the case of a group subscription for an apartment complex, there is no installation charge. Monthly service charges come to about KRW 3,300.

* Those in Cheongju, Yeongdong-gun, Okcheon-gun and Boeun-gun, please contact HCN, Cheongju [1877-8000].

* Those in Chungju, Jecheon, Danyang-gun, Goesan-gun, Jincheon-gun and Eumseung-gun, please contact C.C.S. [043-850-7000]

Subscription to high-speed Internet service

Connection with high-speed Internet service is available in most areas of Korea. Subscribe by calling, or visiting the website of, a service provider. It usually takes 2~3 days for a connection. Service providers offer a variety of services and charges. Basic monthly charges come to about KRW 30,000. Initial installation charge: KRW 30,000 (Non-refundable at cancellation)

Cellular phones

There are three cellular phone service providers: SK Telecom, KT and LGU+. Obtain a subscription at one of their branches. Your passport or foreigner registration card will be required. Service providers offer a variety of service charges and programs. Subscription fee: KRW30,000. Equipment is not included; you are responsible for buying the equipment yourself.

* International Roaming Service

You will need to lease a CDMA cellular phone in Korea for international roaming service, as most countries use the GSM method.

Service application

  • Service application can be made by phone or fax. Your passport or foreigner registration card is required..


  • You may choose to lease or purchase a terminal upon service application.
  • You can receive the terminal at the airport or have it delivered to where you live via a courier service.


  • Subscription fees and service charges vary from one service provider to another.
  • Rental charge: KRW1500~3000/day. In most cases, domestic calls come to KRW 300~600/ minute

Ancillary servic

  • Incoming call service, written message service, provision of a terminal for English message, and manual service.

Postal Service

The government-run postal service provides a variety of services, such as ordinary mail, registered mail, express delivery, parcel post, door-to-door delivery service and postal money orders, etc. You can use any free-standing mailbox on the street to send ordinary mail.

Door-to-door delivery service

  • With a phone call, the post office or a private delivery service business will send someone to pick up your parcel to be dispatched.
  • It is advisable to record the description and cost, etc., of the dispatched item so as to be able to ask for compensation for loss or damage. The box should be well-packed. Please notify the delivery personnel in advance if the box contains fragile or perishable items.
  • When receiving and item via the door-to-door delivery service, it is advisable to check to see whhther the contents are in good condition first. Please remember claims should be made within 14 days.
  • In the case of a private service business, it is necessary to check whether it has a nationwide network of branches.
    * Please call 1588-1300 to ask the post office to pick up your parcel for door-to-door delivery.

International overnight delivery service

You can use the international overnight delivery service provided by the post office or a private business, such as DHL or Fedex. At your phone call, the post office or a private delivery service business will send someone to pick your parcel for posting.

* DHL : * Fedex

Currency and financial systems

The central bank of the nation, the Bank of Korea issues and scraps currencies and controls interest rates. Commercial banks, the NACF [National Agricultural Cooperatives Federation] and NFFC [National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives] are engaged in deposit and loan businesses.

* Currency

The Won is the basic unit of Korean currency. There are KRW10, 50, 100 and 500 coins and KRW1,000, 5,000 and 10,000 paper bills. KRW10 and 50 coins are rarely used due to a fall in value.

* Foreign exchange

Most banks handle foreign exchange. Bring your passport or foreigner registration card for a foreign exchange transaction. Please remember that foreign currencies are rarely accepted at ordinary stores or department stores.

* Banks

  • To open an account at a bank or apply for the issuance of a cash card, you must visit the bank in person and present your passport or foreigner registration card.
  • To use the Internet banking service, visit the bank in person and present your passport or foreigner registration card along with your bankbook. The bank will issue a secret access number card for you. You also need to have a public certificate for Internet banking issued to you.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is divided between a workplace-based health insurance and the private individual health insurance.

* Requirements for subscription

A foreigner registered with the immigration office and meeting the following conditions is eligible for subscription to the national health insurance:

* For workplace-based health insurance

The employer and employees of a workplace that is required to subscribe to national health insurance under the relevant law.

*  For private individual-based health insurance

Those not required to subscribe to a workplace-based health insurance plan under the relevant law, but have acquired the right to stay in Korea under the following status, their spouses and children age less than 20

* F-2, F-4, D-1~9, E-7~8, F-1

* Subscription procedures and documents to be submitted

  • For workplace-based health insurance: The employer shall make application by submitting the relevant documents.
  • For individual-based health insurance: The relevant individual shall visit the local branch of the National Health Insurance Corporation [NHIC]. Presentation of the passport or foreigner registration card is required.
    * For inquiries concerning the national pension plan , please visit the NHIC's website  [] or call 1588-1125

Vehicle registration and motor vehicle insurance

In the case of a mew motor vehicle, the seller usually follows the procedure of registration for the customer. Presentation of a passport or foreigner registration card is required. Prior to the formal registration, a temporary license plate is issued, which is usable for 10 days. It is mandatory for the buyer of a new vehicle to subscribe to liability insurance. Insurance premiums vary, depending on coverage.