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    Chungbuk Fire Industry Expo 2018
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    Chungbuk Fire Industry Expo 2018
    The provincial administration of Chungcheongbuk-do (governor: Yi Si-jong) has announced that the province would hold the Chungbuk Fire Industry Expo 2018 for three days from September 10 to 12 at the Chungju Provincial Stadium.

    Held to join the Chungju World Firefighters Games 2018, the firefighters' Olympiad for this year participated by over six thousand athletes from about sixty countries, and the exposition is the first of its kind to be held in the Chungcheong area.

    According to the provincial administration, the expo will consist of a variety of outdoor events such as the firefighting drone competition, search and rescue dog demonstrations and hot-air ballooning flight in addition to the exhibitions held in the exhibition hall (19,800㎡) at the Central Plaza of the stadium, open-air exhibition area and the participation-based activities about safety.

    The 2018 Chungju World Firefighters Games will also be participated by the firefighters from seventeen countries across the world, including the Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal, India, and China, specially invited as VIPs. The provincial administration expects their participation would provide a great opportunity to give more extensive publicity to the outstanding achievement made in the Korean fire industry.

    The indoor exhibition space consists of the New Products and Techniques Hall, VR Experience Hall and Information Hall in which the equipment and services of the companies participating in the exposition are exhibited according to the themes of fire suppression, rescue, first aid, firefighting equipment and industrial safety supplies. In the VR Experience Hall, which focuses on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, visitors will be introduced to the tests of PTSD, depression and other mental disorders conducted for the in-depth evaluation of mental health via exploiting the VR technology, diagnosis, and treatment of mental disorders, suicide crisis management, prevention of dementia. Furthermore, a variety of hi-tech firefighting techniques, including those based on the VR technology, used for the management of acrophobia, drone control and counterattack against the leakage of harmful chemical substances will be introduced.

    The exhibition held in the outdoor exhibition area will present special firefighting vehicles in fifteen types including the biochemical rescue vehicle and multi-purpose small ladder truck. Of the vehicles, the ladder truck mounted with the fire pump and ladder is particularly highly regarded for the performance of multiple functions. The compact size of the truck provides easy access to the areas the conventional large fire engines are not accessible while its equipment allows the vehicle to perform multiple tasks, including the rescue of lives and the fire suppression, at the same time, effectively overcoming the restrictions of the traditional special vehicles.

    The events of the Games include the demonstration of firefighting tactics using drones for the search of victims at a disaster scene, SAR dogs maneuvering around obstacles and searching boxes, and programs for mature pet culture through various performances by dogs and consultation on pet behaviors.
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